• Czech Republic vs. Denmark - Championship GameMen's European Championship 2021

    SATURDAY 2021/06/26, 04:50 PM CET // FREE
    Sharks Bay (Ledenice 373 11, Czech Republic)

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  • Italy vs. Netherlands - FinalEuropean Baseball Championship 2019

    SUNDAY 2019/09/15, 06:50 PM CET // FREE
    Bonn Capitals Baseball (Bonn, Germany)

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  • Finals DayFanCode ECS Italy, T10 Super Series 2021

    SATURDAY 2021/11/06, 08:20 AM CET // FREE
    ASD Roma Cricket club (Roma, Italy)

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  • Finland vs. Czech Republic - Final game11th Men’s U19 World Floorball Championships

    SUNDAY 2021/08/29, 03:50 PM CET // FREE
    Městská hala VODOVA (Brno, Czech Republic)

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  • SundayESF European Mixed Team U15&U17 Championships 2023

    SUNDAY 2023/05/14, 09:00 AM CET // FREE
    Hector sport centre (Praha 10, Czech Republic)

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  • Czech Republic vs. Spain - FinalU20 Women's European Championship

    SATURDAY 2022/07/16, 08:05 PM CET // FREE
    Novomatic Arena Sopron (Sopron, Hungary)

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  • RC Mountfield Říčany vs. RC Slavia PrahaXV Extraliga 2018

    SUNDAY 2018/06/17, 02:45 PM CET // FREE
    Stadion Josefa Kohouta (Říčany u Prahy, Czech Republic)

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  • Czech Republic vs. FranceEuropean Championship 2019

    SUNDAY 2019/10/13, 03:50 PM CET // FREE
    Stadion v Jiráskově ulici (Jihlava, Česká Republika)

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  • Czech League Final 2019Slam Poetry

    SATURDAY 2019/12/07, 08:00 PM CET // FREE
    MeetFactory (Praha 5, Czech Republic)

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  • Westcoast vs. HC Rytíři Kladno - 2004 - FinalCzech Hockey Challenge Cup

    SATURDAY 2017/08/12, 04:30 PM CET // FREE
    Ice Arena Letňany (Praha 9, Czech Republic)

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  • Slalom Run 2World Para Alpine Skiing World Cup

    THURSDAY 2019/03/21, 11:53 AM CET // FREE
    Stade du Pleney (Morzine, France)

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