• Czech Republic vs. Denmark - Championship GameMen's European Championship 2021

    SATURDAY 2021/06/26, 04:50 PM CET // FREE
    Sharks Bay (Ledenice 373 11, Czech Republic)

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  • Italy vs. Netherlands - FinalEuropean Baseball Championship 2019

    SUNDAY 2019/09/15, 06:50 PM CET // FREE
    Bonn Capitals Baseball (Bonn, Germany)

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  • Finals Day FanCode ECS Italy, T10 Super Series 2021

    SATURDAY 2021/11/06, 08:20 AM CET // FREE
    ASD Roma Cricket club (Roma, Italy)

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  • Finland vs. Czech Republic - Final game11th Men’s U19 World Floorball Championships

    SUNDAY 2021/08/29, 03:50 PM CET // FREE
    Městská hala VODOVA (Brno, Czech Republic)

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  • Teams - Final day 2nd partEuropean U19 Individual & Team Championships 2019

    SUNDAY 2019/04/21, 02:30 PM CET // FREE
    Gutovka sport centre (Praha 10, Czech republic)

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  • Serbia vs. Latvia - Group DU20 Women's European Championship

    FRIDAY 07/08, 12:50 PM CET // FREE
    Novomatic Arena II Sopron (Sopron, Hungary)

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  • RC Mountfield Říčany vs. RC Slavia PrahaXV Extraliga 2018

    SUNDAY 2018/06/17, 02:45 PM CET // FREE
    Stadion Josefa Kohouta (Říčany u Prahy, Czech Republic)

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  • Czech Republic vs. FranceEuropean Championship 2019

    SUNDAY 2019/10/13, 03:50 PM CET // FREE
    Stadion v Jiráskově ulici (Jihlava, Česká Republika)

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  • Czech League Final 2019Slam Poetry

    SATURDAY 2019/12/07, 08:00 PM CET // FREE
    MeetFactory (Praha 5, Czech Republic)

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  • Westcoast vs. HC Rytíři Kladno - 2004 - FinalCzech Hockey Challenge Cup

    SATURDAY 2017/08/12, 04:30 PM CET // FREE
    Ice Arena Letňany (Praha 9, Czech Republic)

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  • Slalom Run 2World Para Alpine Skiing World Cup

    THURSDAY 2019/03/21, 11:53 AM CET // FREE
    Stade du Pleney (Morzine, France)

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France vs. Great Britain - Final

European Championships of Beach Ultimate

  • 7 825views


SUNDAY 2013/06/30, 11:55 AM CET / Calafell beach (Spain) /



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7Benoît Brosse
27Cyril Cayla
77Gaëtan Forget
66Philippe Fortuny
88Jean-Yves Goliard
24Yannick Grouas
20Florian Grumiller
18Sylvain Cheront
17Lionel Juge
10Pierre Lecollinet
5Thomas Lemoine
22Alix Mayer
0Sean Neylon Raymond
99Vincent Peltre
78Ludovic Taveau

Great Britain

8Paul Atkins
7Dave Barnard
22David Bixler
10Kevin Blanch
Jack Dawkins
3Dave Grayson
9Jim Hancox
5Si Hill
Beenish Kamal
An Marien
84Rob Mcgowan
34Stu Mitchell
25David Moore
Emma Price
16Rik Shipley
23Elias Thaysen
33Sion Thaysen
4Si Weeks


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