• New Zealand vs. Japan - Final gameIntercontinental cup 2018

    SATURDAY 09/01, 03:10 PM CET // FREE
    Svoboda Park (Praha 8, Czech Republic)

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  • Arrows Ostrava vs. Draci BrnoCzech Series 2018

    FRIDAY 10/05, 06:50 PM CET // FREE
    Arrows Park (Ostrava, Czech Republic)

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  • Spain vs. Germany - Final GameFIBA U18 Women's European Championship 2018

    SUNDAY 08/12, 08:50 PM CET // FREE
    Palasport Primo Carnera (Udine, Italy)

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  • RC Mountfield Říčany vs. RC Praga PrahaXV Extraliga 2018

    SATURDAY 05/05, 02:45 PM CET // FREE
    Stadion Josefa Kohouta (Říčany u Prahy, Czech Republic)

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  • HC FIVERS WAT Margareten vs. Moser Medical UHK Krems - SemifinalHandball League Austria

    WEDNESDAY 05/09, 08:00 PM CET // FREE
    Sporthalle Margareten (1050 Wien, Austria)

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  • England vs. Ireland - U17 - Position 1-8European U15, U17 Team Championships

    SUNDAY 2017/05/14, 02:00 PM CET // FREE
    Hector sport centre (Praha 10, Czech Republic)

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  • UHC Weißenfels vs. Red Devils Wernigerode - Final MFloorball Final4

    SUNDAY 03/18, 12:50 PM CET // FREE
    Sporthalle Charlottenburg (Berlin, Germany)

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  • Westcoast vs. HC Rytíři Kladno - 2004 - FinalCzech Hockey Challenge Cup

    SATURDAY 2017/08/12, 04:30 PM CET // FREE
    Ice Arena Letňany (Praha 9, Czech Republic)

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  • DownhillWorld Para Alpine Skiing World Cup Final

    SATURDAY 02/10, 06:30 PM CET // FREE
    Kimberley (Canada)

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  • Czech League FinalSlam Poetry

    SUNDAY 2017/12/03, 06:00 PM CET // FREE
    MeetFactory (Praha 5, Czech Republic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chargeable broadcasts: You cannot open the broadcast window

Are you registered?

You must register to watch chargeable broadcasts on Playo.tv. The register file and administration of your account is in the right upper corner of the site.

Have you purchased the desired broadcast?

To watch chargeable broadcasts on Playo.tv, you must purchase the desired broadcast or a price pack containing the broadcast.
The payment system enables you to pay broadcasts and price packs by credit card, i.e. Paypal, or by SMS from a Czech mobile phone number (you must set up SMS payments with your operator to do this).

Have you sent the money via SMS or Paypal, and the system still reports “waiting for payment” after pressing the “Play” button?

You might have sent the money to your credit. Check the credit amount in “Credit recharge” file in your account settings. If the money was added to your credit, you had sent it there instead of buying the broadcast. Cancel the broadcast order in “Orders” file in your account administration, and purchase it again, now using your credit.

Free or chargeable broadcast: the window opened but the broadcasting does not want to start

The broadcasts must be played in Adobe Flash.

For Android and Apple Flash is not fully supported. You must install a browser supporting Flash – for example Puffin http://www.puffinbrowser.com/index.php (14-day free Flash)

Have you got sufficient Internet connection and a powerful computer?

Recommended requirements for playing broadcasts on Playo.tv in full quality are 6 Mbps for download and an average-performance computer.

The broadcast twitches or the video definition quality has worsened:

If the broadcast is jerking or the video quality has worsened, it is probably due to a low performance of your computer or insufficient Internet connection. In case of slow Internet connection Playo.tv automatically reduces the definition quality. Sometimes switching the player to fullscreen may help you.